Area of ​​preparation: 030900.68 "Jurisprudence" Curriculum: full-time / part-time 2019

Discipline: "Philosophy of Law" (Master, 1 course, full-time / distance learning)

Number of hours: 108 hours, including: lectures - 4, practical classes - 12, independent work - 36. Form of control: exam

Abstract:For the successful development of the discipline "Philosophy of Law", you must have knowledge of the history and methodology of legal science. A parallel study of these disciplines forms a systemic, on the basis of historical continuity, understanding of law, the state, society, the individual, and their interaction. In this process, an important role is played by comparative law and the history of political and legal doctrines, as well as current problems of law. 
They complement each other, make it possible to strengthen the systemic understanding and vision of the value of modern law, the practice of its implementation in the context of modernization. The program on the “Philosophy of Law” was prepared at the Department of Theory and History of State and Law. It is intended for masters in the direction of preparation 030900 "Jurisprudence". The work program outlines the objectives of the discipline, the competence of the student, the types and volume of training sessions, as well as the content of the sections of the discipline, its teaching, methodological and informational support.

Topics: 1. The form and content of objective law 2. The essence of objective law 3. Functioning rights 4. The interaction of law and personality 5. The interaction of law and society 6. The interaction of law and state Final course control

Keywords: forms and content of law, legal defectology, principles of law, interaction of law and society, functioning of law, legal culture, philosophical categories, positivism, essence of law, social justice, value of law, legal sphere, value orientations, rule of law, formal equality, globalization, theory, socio-humanitarian sciences, society, meaning of law, theory of law, philosophy, pluralism, model, evolution, universe, philosophy, 
global, constitutionalism, international, local, state, human, legitimacy, legality, power, law, social order, subordination to law, crisis of legal conscience, legal order, legal values, paradigm, idea, morality, peace, freedom, categorical imperative, legal understanding, legal axiology, rule of law, separation of powers, form of government, philosophy of law and state.

Course authors:

Kurnosova V.V, Phd, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Theory and History of State and Law, tel. 843) 233-71-05,

Starting date: September 1, 2019